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The 2016 Federal Government Budget, proposed some of the most significant changes to superannuation that we have seen since 2007. However, as with all budgets and proposals, generally some things go through, some proposals are changes and some are scrapped.

With several traches of draft legislation now released, you might be wondering where are we up to with the proposed superannuation changes and what are the planning opportunities?  Read more…

We all want things to be simple, easy and not take up too much time or cost. Companies pray on this and there is no better example than the personal insurances we see advertised on television.

Is it the decision, the process, the cost or the poor perception of the insurers? Australians are under-insured and we would much rather spend time doing other things than making sure our insurances are right. So it's no wonder that when the option to buy insurance on the television for 'the cost of a cup of coffee a day' with just a simple phone call comes up, we consider it. After all, isn't seeking advice expensive and the adviser just want's to collect a commission?

I looked at cover for myself - a thirty-six year old male office worker. Here are the pros and cons. Read more…

Retiring on your terms

You may be familiar with the types of risks involved with investing. The pattern in which returns are realised by investors, known as sequencing risk, also plays a critical role in determining the ultimate value and long-term sustainability of your retirement savings.

What is sequencing risk?

When you are growing your savings, most market losses can be cancelled out by a long-term investment strategy; it makes sense that things will eventually "average out". But, as you get closer to your retirement, the way markets perform becomes an increasing concern. And, when coupled with the need to start taking out income from your savings, just one negative year on the sharemarket can be a significant adversary for your retirement lifestyle.

The examples below highlight the impact of sequencing, showing how the simple act of reversing the order of the returns results in two drastically different outcomes – when building your wealth and when pension withdrawals are taken into account. Read more…