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Client Case Studies

Lupins for Life

Who is Lupins for Life?

Lupins for Life is a true paddock to plate story. They grow and trace their produce from planting to each and every package. Their vision is to improve the health and wellbeing of Australians by introducing communities to the nutritional benefits of Australian sweet white lupins.

Lupins for Life is a family affair.

Gary Drew is a Director & Owner of Lupins for Life. He is a Brocklesby farmer and the brain child of converting Lupins from fodder to human consumption.

Also involved in the business are:
• Heather Drew, Gary's wife
• Roger Drew, General Manager. Roger is Gary's brother, and a Director & Owner
• Christine Johnston, Operations Manager. Christine is Gary's sister, and a Director & Owner

The family have been working with Johnsons MME for over 40 years, with Gary's father & grandfather also being Johnsons MME clients.

How Lupins for Life and Johnsons MME have worked together

Initial structure advice

In setting up Lupins for Life, the family needed advice on the most appropriate structure for their business to ensure the family understood what factors were most important to them. Additionally, advice on which structure would ultimately provide the solution to those most important factors.

Gary asked Stephen Hogan, Business Services Director to present to the on the options available to them.

Stephen provided detailed advice regarding structures involving asset protection, income tax minimisation, CGT minimisation, future succession planning and cost considerations.

This led to the family considering Stephens recommendations and the setup of Lupins for Life Pty Ltd.

Capital Raising

Significant capital investment was required for Lupins for Life to get off the ground. Gary and the family's vision was to collaborate with like-minded people to bring their dream to life. This included offering investment opportunities to arrange of individuals and organisations. Gary and the family asked Stephen to be involved in negotiations. This included the preparation of reports and presentation to potential shareholders.

The investors were all on board with the family's vision and the capital raised to ensure Lupins for Life had the necessary funding to commence and continue production.

Budgeting & Forecasting

Cashflow is the lifeblood of any business, and this is recognised by Gary and the family. Stephen regular works with Lupins for Life to ensure their budgeting and forecasting works to maximise their cashflow.

This includes introducing the latest technology cloud-based software solutions to meet the business' accounting and management needs.

Stephen tailored the chart of accounts and coding to provide Lupins for Life management with meaningful information.

Lupins for Life now

Lupins for Life have focused solely on the premium variety of Australian Sweet White Lupins for its better taste and higher protein and fibre levels.

Since 2016, Lupins for Life have built their own research and development facility and dedicated gluten-free mill. As a company, they know that innovation is the key to their success and to the customer enjoyment of lupins.

Lupins for Life story has just begun, and Johnsons MME look forward to continuing to work with Gary and the family to support their ongoing success.