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Finance Mortgage Broking

Could you be paying less interest or have access to more funds?

When was the last time you reviewed your borrowings to see if you are getting the best deal possible?

Often the thought of spending time researching your options and the time required to make the change is enough to make you think it's not worth it.

But what if it was actually costing you money?

At Johnsons MME we deal with a number of banks and other lending organisations or a daily basis.  We see the many different interest rates and loan structures that are offered.

It is, for this reason, we started a finance mortgage broking division, to ensure that we are able to more formally help our clients have access to a range of debt solutions that meet their needs and to get a more favourable interest rate.

We can provide broking services in the following areas:

  • Business & Farm Finance
  • Equipment & Car Finance
  • Investment & Residential Finance

What does a broker do?
There are many different debt products available.  Whilst this makes it harder for you to choose the right product, it does mean that there is likely to be the right lending solution for you out there.  It's just a matter of finding it.

This is where a finance mortgage broker comes in 
We approach the lenders, discuss with them your current position and your objections, compare the options and negotiate the most suitable outcome for you.  We then present you with the findings, for your to decide which proposal to accept.

Once you make your decision, we work with the chosen lender on your behalf, freeing up your time to focus on other aspects of running your business or simply having more time available with the family.

Another benefit that a broker can provide is access to the relationships they have formed with multiple lenders who view them as one large client.  Therefore the weight of numbers that comes with acting on behalf of multiple clients can help secure better outcomes for our clients on an individual basis.

Seeking information from a number of lenders allows us the opportunity to find the right debt products to help manage repayments, free up cash flow, provide opportunities to grow and even reduce debt faster.

So, if you are wanting to purchase a header, a new car, looking to refinance existing debt, access more capital to grow your business, buy a farm or a residential property, please contact:

Andrew Chamberlain on (02) 6023 9100 or email 

to arrange a no obligation review of your current finance arrangements.

Johnsons MME Financial Advisory Pty Ltd
ABN 30 141 828 033; AFSL No 353848
Australian Credit Licence No 389087; Authorised Credit Rep Nos 495850 and 495849


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