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Johnsons MME Newsletter Updates

* Don't be caught out! Our April 2016 newsletter takes a look at car fringe benefits in light of a renewed effort by the ATO in this area. Partner - Audit & Assurance, Hugh McKenzie-McHarg discusses what predisposes employees to fraud and how you can guard against it. Are you claiming the NSW Jobs Action Plan rebate? .... and what is the difference between a contractor and employee? All this and more in our April newsletter. 

* The December 2015 newsletter discusses how a waste audit of your business can drive your bottom line. Our Financial Advisory team take a look at the investment market outlook for 2016 and also why a financial plan is so important to your financial wellbeing. 

* Our new-look September 2015 newsletter contains some key pointers on business planning essentials, outsourcing to create efficiencies in your business and the '15 Federal Budget. Our resident financial advisor, Cameron Diffey, also provides a market update for our investment clients.

* IT plays a big role in helping businesses to run efficiently. The March 2015 and September 2014 Johnsons MME newsletters focus on the IT options we have available to help you in your business.

* Pig Poo Power was an article published in the Murray Now e-newsletter in September 2013 which outlined Johnsons MME's work on the Carbon Farming Initiative.

Financial Advisory Market Updates

Cameron Diffey, Johnsons MME's Director Financial Advisory provides a quarterly analysis on investment markets below:

September 2015
December 2015   
April 2016

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